Monday, August 9, 2010

English rendering of a few verses of Saif ul Malook

1-O Khuda! Pour on me the bounteous rain of your

blessings to resuscitate and make fruitful the

withered garden of my hopes and aspirations.....
.. ..

2-Bless me with such a sweet fruit which may be a

panacea to the sorrows and maladies of those who

taste it.....
.. ..

3-Bless this garden of mine with an ever lasting

spring so that the thousands may relish your

.. ..

4-Kindle in my heart the light of your ishaq(eternal

love) so that this light may spread all over the

.. ..

5-Give me wisdom enough to understand your

blessings and a heart that is grateful to you. ....
.. ..
6-Remove from me the darkness of ignorance and

bless me with an understanding of poetry----....

.. ..
7-Bless me with a heart that is treasure trove of pure

poesies and a tongue that utters jewels of verses.....
.. ..
8-Unfold the musk of my poetic nature to let its

fragrance roam far and wide and let the intellect be

perfumed with the blend of the aroma of ishaq.....
.. ..
9-Let the tip of the pen be sweetened with the sugar of

my poetry and let the essence of my verses be the

decorating mole on the fair surface of paper.....
.. ..

10-Adore the newly wedded bride like book of mine

with luster that may guide those across the stream of

ishaq(love) who have pure intents.....

.. ..

11-If some one look at it with malice and criticize it

unduly, he must be punished in your court of

.. ..
12- Some die in pursuit of making a mirror and some

shatter it with a stone. There are few in the world

with a taste of poetic appreciation.....

.. ..
13- People have lost the taste of listening to poetry

and those who listen they do not analyze the illusions. ....
.. ..

14-Gone are the friends of mine who had a taste of

poesy. O Muhammad Bukhsh! They were the traders of rubies.....

Translated by M. Shafiq

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